LTPD ChapmanARGYLE Community Trust deliver a number of Curriculum and Coaching courses designed to help improve pupils' goals within the educational sector.

Schools' Team training:
Our coaches can deliver after-school football training sessions specifically designed for your school team(s).

Schools' Tournaments:
Argyle Community Trust coaches can also deliver your school tournaments or ‘cluster school’ competitions as required. Our coaches will organise and deliver your tournaments on your behalf and will co-ordinate your fixture lists and results.

After School Clubs/Multi Sports:
Our range of after-school clubs can support your extended schools programme and include football and multi sports (e.g. handball, basketball and athletics). Our after school clubs are delivered in a positive fun environment, where all children can learn new skills and techniques and experience game-related play.

PAFC has a network of exit routes into community football provision that can extend access and participation for all levels of ability.

Respect Programme – Citizenship:
A fun and interactive classroom-based session where pupils are taught how the consequences of their conduct and behaviour can affect not just themselves but others at school, in the work place, the home and in the community.

Through the use of football, young people are encouraged to conduct and promote good behaviour in all aspects of life.

The sessions include:
Identifying unacceptable behaviour and its impact on others
Developing an understanding of respect and how this can be taken into daily life
Seeing situations from other people’s perspective.

Social and Emotional Well Being:
The workshops are designed to improve young people’s confidence and engagement through the power of Plymouth Argyle FC. By using sporting profiles, it give us the opportunities to not only underline emotional and social well being, but give young people the chance to understand that mental health affects top athletes, which in turn can happen in society.

During the Workshop we work on being mentally fit, below are a few of the key areas covered:
• Positive mental attitude
• Turning negatives into positives
• Role models
• Underlying issues that can affect young people’s education and social lives
• Self Awareness
• Motivation
• Empathy

The workshop also helps the children who find the transition between Primary and Secondary school difficult.

Education Days at Home Park:
The opportunity for pupils to attend Plymouth Argyle FC, Home Park for the day and gain an insight into the working environment. These days can be catered for in many different ways.

For example, the Trust can organise a community sports lecture which contains:
A tour of the stadium
Two-hour workshop on the Community Trust and its operations
Two-hour coaching session

Or alternatively this could involve a fitness and nutrition programme with Plymouth Argyle FC, which includes a chef demonstration, a question and answer with a player/club official on daily routines and recovery from injury.



Argyle Community Trust is the official charity partner of Plymouth Argyle Football Club and helps over 30,000 people every year achieve their goals through sport. The trust supports some of the most disadvantaged, disabled and talented people across Devon and Cornwall.


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