Its a Goal! 2008ARGYLE Community Trust currently delivers the ‘It’s a Goal’ initiative.

‘It’s a Goal’ provides sports opportunities for adults with mental health issues, by making fun and exciting football sessions available free of charge. The project sees the Trust engage with the participants on a weekly basis, as well as seeing the men represent the mighty Pilgrims in local and national tournaments.

The rationale behind the project is to create a unique opportunity for men to overcome mental health issues they may have, such as depression, within a relaxed environment at the football club. In partnership with the Primary Care Trust, the sessions offer each team time with a fully qualified nurse from the PCT and also a coach.

During the session they work on different issues, such as anxiety, aggression, and depression and relate these back to football using professional models like Alex Ferguson, Tony Adams, Jose Mourinho and others to identify how they deal with overcoming such barriers.

The sessions also provide the opportunity to attend the football club in a relaxed environment away from a surgery, allowing them the opportunity to participate in coaching sessions, tournaments and healthy-living progammes. This is a great way to help overcome health issues and make new friends, whilst having the opportunity to keep fit and learn the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.


Argyle Community Trust is the official charity partner of Plymouth Argyle Football Club and helps over 30,000 people every year achieve their goals through sport. The trust supports some of the most disadvantaged, disabled and talented people across Devon and Cornwall.


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