Using the power of Plymouth Argyle Football Club to change lives.

WE are proud to be the official charity for Plymouth Argyle Football Club. Argyle Community Trust uses the prestige of football and the reach of the club to inspire, engage and help people of all ages, achieve their full potential.

Argyle Community Trust has a clear vision, along with our national partners, to be an active, inspirational and inclusive community hub for the South West region. We aim to have a positive impact on a range of groups within society and to provide the local community with the opportunity to explore their full potential, improve their life chances and aspirations through the power of football and Plymouth Argyle FC.

We are hugely proud to say we have changed lives and inspired people over the past 20 years and envisage this to continue for many years to come. We offer a large range of activities and programmes from football to nationally recognised educational qualifications, from health to social action and disability.

To ensure we remain focused and true to our aims we have a strategy showcasing what we do and how we we intend to continue and build upon our work.

Our Community Strategy builds on Argyle Community Trust’s desire to make a change to people’s lives using the power of Plymouth Argyle Football Club. The populations that we serve face barriers in relation to health, well-being, education, employment, levels of physical activity, high deprivation in some areas and low attainment levels.

Through the work undertaken as part of our last strategy, through research and consultation there is clear evidence to indicate our work is needed within our community. National, regional and local plans reflect the work that we undertake with the aim of breaking down the barriers stated above.

Argyle Community Trust Strategy:




Our Key Objectives:

1. Inspire – People to be more active and confident in their abilities

2. Active – Provide opportunities for people be physically active, participate in sport and recreation, and progress through the Trust.

3. Inclusiveness – Allow individuals and groups the opportunity to succeed under the guidance of Argyle Community Trust

4. Succeed – Reach your full potential with us

Key Staff:

Head of Community – Mark Lovell

Head of Education – Alison Lowman

Assistant Community Manager (Participation) – Jason Chapman

Assistant Community Manager (Inclusion) – Dwain Morgan

Head of Post 16 Football and Education – Lee Britchford

Cornwall Programmes Manager – Mike Foley

Finance and Office Manager – Jo Yorke

Social Inclusion Manager – Dan Hart

Health and Disability Manager – Ben Kerswell

Regional Manager (Plymouth) – Stewart Walbridge

Regional Manager (Cornwalll) – Liam Chinn

Regional Manager (East Cornwall/North Devon) – Gary Jeffery

NCS Programme Manager – Todd Hanrahan

NCS Administrator – Sam Barton

Women and Girls Officer – Ryan Perks