Argyle Community Trust release 2021/22 Impact Report

Argyle Community Trust are proud to launch our 2021/22 Impact Report, showcasing the incredible work carried out to fulfil our mission to make a positive difference to Devon and Cornwall communities in response to local need, through the power of sport, and the brand of Plymouth Argyle.

The report demonstrates the commitment of the Charity to delivering impactful and accessible opportunities highlighted through our work in six key strands – PE and Schools, Education and Employment, Facilities, Sports, Health and Wellbeing, and Community Engagement.

During the 2021/22 season, data has shown we have:

  • Reached almost 70,000 local people in need
  • Delivered over 57,000 hours of positive provision
  • Delivered more than 24,000 sessions across our diverse strands of work

An Important statistic has been identified that 68% of our participants live in areas identified as most in need, with 67% of our venues located in the top half areas of deprivation.

To maximise our impact in the community, we design and structure our provisions according to research and data, which sets out what we aim to achieve over the short, medium, and long term. The impact of our provisions is measured, in part, by the numbers and demographics of our participants and time spent engaging with our programmes. We also measure and record positive outcomes attained by individual participants.

Trust Chief Executive Officer Mark Lovell said: “I am delighted to publish the Argyle Community Trust 2021/22 Impact Report.

“You will see from the report how the Charity has gone from strength to strength. We have expanded in numbers and have diversified our offer, with a focus on working with those hardest to reach and to make a real difference to societal issues in our community. This report details the incredible work the charity has undertaken during this period.”

As well as providing the data, the report also highlights the stories of individuals who have been positively impacted by the work of the Trust.

Trust Data and Information Administrator Isobel Bradley-Ray adds: “The data has helped demonstrate the incredible scale of the work we carry out every day, from the huge number of people we serve, to the geographic reach the Trust has across Devon and Cornwall.

“We are proud to support such a large and diverse section of society, and the personal stories showcased in the report, told in the words of those we work with, really hit home the demonstratable impact our work has on people’s lives.”

Club Ambassador Gary Sawyer adds: “It is an absolute privilege to be Club Ambassador for Plymouth Argyle and Argyle Community Trust.

“Having spent 17 years as a professional player, I thought I understood what Club Community Organisations did across their local communities. It wasn’t until I made this transition that I truly began to understand the extent of work they carry out, and the impact they have on people’s lives.”

The past ten years has seen significant growth in programme delivery. The charity has supported over 300,000 people in this period from providing health and wellbeing activities, employment training, education courses and sports coaching, to providing real employment with the charity. Some of our biggest achievements have seen the charity change people’s lives from drug rehabilitation into employment and helping people with physical and mental health conditions live a more healthy and independent life.

Find out about the work of the charity and how you can support the work we do in the community

You can download a PDF version of the Impact Report here to see the data and participant stories that show the profound impact the Trust, Club, and sport has had on changing lives and improving life chances in our communities.


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