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Our Participation team is based at Manadon Sports and Community Hub with 16 full time and 50 part time staff members working in local Primary and Secondary schools. Contact any members of the team by clicking on their mail links below, or call us on 01752 562561 Ext 5

Premier League Primary Stars – PL Primary Stars is a funded programme through the Premier League Charitable fund, this allows Argyle Community Trust to engage with new and existing Primary Schools on a wider scale of subjects. The main section of the programme is based around offering ongoing CPD for Primary School teachers within Physical Education with approaches such as Team Teaching, these will run for minimum of 6 weeks per teacher but at times run for 12 weeks or the whole school year depending on the schools requirements. Contact: Darrel Harris

Reading Stars – Reading interventions offered as part of our PL Primary Stars programme, these are offered within small groups up to a maximum of 5 children with an overarching aims of these inventions to ensure these are impactful. All children within groups will have a similar aim to ensure we are able to cater for all children within the groups, these will run for a minimum of 12 weeks, again these depend on the schools requirements. Contact: Darrel Harris

Maths and Writing interventions – Again offered as part of the PL Primary Stars programme, this is offered to schools to maximise ACT impact on offering interventions based around class learning and offering Argyle Community Trust resources with aims and objectives to impact schools results along with children’s development and enjoyment of the subjects. Contact: Darrel Harris

PSHE Workshops – Offered in two ways within Primary Schools, offered as classroom based lessons around a focused subject such as showing racism the Red Card, these are interactive lessons where children are engaging within discussions and opinions around the focused topic along with facts and figures being shared. Second way we offer these is as whole school assemblies with a similar approach but with more children engaging. Contact: Darrel Harris

CPD Events – Schools are able to engage with After School Club CPD events, these can be offered as part of the teachers After School Clubs or through just teacher engagement. The topics of the CPD are decided by the school via a questionnaire around what topics they wish to focus upon as a school and our staff plan and deliver these sessions to showcase different ways of approaching sports, pupils or behaviour within PE or After School Clubs. Contact: Darrel Harris

Joy of Moving – A health and Nutrition programme funded through Ferrero and the English Football League Charitable Trust. Offered as a 6 week programme to children within year 5, each lesson runs for 90 minutes (45 minutes Theory & 45 minutes Practical). Practical lessons usually follow the Theory due to the lessons within the classroom being linked back into the practical lessons. Contact: Adam Smietanka

Physical Education – Offering across the National Curriculum, PE through qualified staff with sports such as football, handball, dodgeball, cricket, athletics, Gymnastics etc. Available to al schools and all year groups. This is usually offered across an Afternoon or a Morning slot to engage with more than one class per visit. Contact: Stewart Walbridge

After School Clubs – Within the Plymouth team we offer 76 different weekly After School Clubs across a 62 Primary Schools. Some clubs are child paid clubs meaning the parents will pay for the subscription whereas others are paid for by the school to cover a select amount of children to engage within this club. Sports vary within our offer and we again offer across the board from Tag Rugby to Football to Gymnastics, etc.  These are usually offered straight after school and run for 1 hour. Contact: Stewart Walbridge
Booking online is available for some of our schools HERE


Schools and Participation Manager
Stewart Walbridge

Assistant Schools and Participation Manager
Darrel Harris

Assistant Schools and Participation Manager
Adam Smietanka

Women and Girls Development Manager
Ryan Perks

PL Primary Stars Officer South Hams
Dan Dixon

Schools and Participation Officers
Charlie Hardcastle
Cloe Baker
Dom Luongo
Ethan Barbour
Mark Blackwell
Rhys Hannon
Ross Mclaughlin
Schools and Participation Officer, PL Kicks Officer
Scott Mccann
Schools and Participation Officer, Education Physio
Lewis Jago
Schools and Participation Apprentices
Lewis Jenkins
Alfie Frost