ARGYLE Community Trust will be a new partner for the Sugar Smart campaign in Plymouh, aimed at tackling excessive sugar consumption and raising awareness of the dangers posed by too much sugar in the diet.

A £5,000 grant was awarded to the Sustainable Food Cities Network to run the Sugar Smart campaign and the Trust will also be working alongside the likes of Plymouth University, Marjon, Livewell SW, Plymouth City Council and the Well Connected charity.

“Lots of us eat too much sugar, and we often don’t realise that there are some simple things we can do to help us to eat a little bit less,” said Ruth Harrell, Director of Public Health. “Too much sugar can rot your teeth, which is really painful.

“More than 800 children in Plymouth each year have operations because of this – and none of us want our children to have to go through that. Sugar gives us extra calories that we usually don’t need, and so leads to us gaining weight which we know can cause all sorts of health problems. That’s why eating a healthy diet is part of the city’s Thrive Plymouth campaign. The Sugar Smart campaign is going to help us all to make those small changes that add up to a big difference.”

SUGAR SMART is a campaign of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Sustain. It helps local authorities, organisations, workplaces and individuals to reduce sugar consumption. Anyone can pledge to become SUGAR SMART – from councils and schools to restaurants, hospitals and independent companies. Is the feature campaign of Sustainable Food Cities until mid-2018. A total of 16 grants were given in 2017 to local food partnerships to support them in fully taking part in the SUGAR SMART campaign.

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