About the course

Are you part of the esports culture and want to improve your streaming techniques and layouts?
Do you want to learn about the business of competitive gaming and event marketing? Do you want to organise your own event?

ESports is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world and City College Plymouth has teamed up with Plymouth Argyle Football Club to offer this exciting opportunity to start your career. From small beginnings a couple of decades ago the business is now generating income in excess of the film industry.

And yet, there’s still room for plenty of expansion.

Esports has become popular because of the following reasons:

  • esports is just like any other sport
  • the accessibility and inclusiveness of gaming
  • the diversity of games
  • the quality of video games
  • video games are addictive
  • gaming is a social activity
  • legitimate career opportunities.

This new and exciting course will teach you about the technical set up that is required to deliver esports events, along with public relations skills to promote the events. You will also learn how to add hype and excitement through casting and hosting – skills that are in demand across the sector. Finally, you’ll have the chance to compete in esports leagues, testing your skills against the best in the country.

This qualification is endorsed by The British Esports Association as being suitable for those wanting to work in the industry. This means that it will be recognised by employers and will support entry into this industry in a range of roles.

What you’ll learn

The course covers the following modules …

Year 1

  • Introduction to Esports
  • Esports Skills, Strategies and Analysis
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in the Esports Industry
  • Health, Wellbeing and Fitness for Esports Players
  • Producing an Esports Brand
  • Esports Coaching
  • Psychology for Esports Performance

Year 2

  • Esports Events
  • Shoutcasting
  • Game Design
  • Video Production
  • Ethical and Current Issues in Esports
  • Sports and Esports Law and Legislation
  • Nutrition for Esports Performance
  • Live-streamed Broadcasting

For more information on the course, and to apply, visit the City College Plymouth Esports website

For more information and resources on Esports visit the British Esports website