Development Centres

ARGYLE Community Trust run a series of development centres across the region, using the Plymouth Argyle coaching syllabus to develop individual skills and match awareness.

Our team of coaches will focus on a different theme each week, as we look to improve technique and understanding of all positions in the game. These themes are then reinforced in small-sided matches.

The Development Centres follow the FA Four Corner Model of football: Technical, Physical, Social and Psychological. All players in our Development Centres will be continuously monitored for inclusion in our Long-Term Player Development programme.

Long-Term Player Development

THE LTPD syllabus places specific emphasis on enhancing the skills of gifted young footballers, providing a platform for talented players to progress in the game.

LTPD is by invitation only and fits in with our ethos of giving every player the opportunity to reach their full potential. The course is rigorously structured to enhance development and carries a higher expectation of performance.

Reaching your full potential

While the level of technical ability is enhanced in the LTPD, the Trust will always strive to provide a relaxed and enjoyable environment for young players to improve. We also work in close partnership with the Plymouth Argyle Academy to ensure those players at the top end of ability are given the chance to follow a clear pathway into the club structure.