Spend your summer earning money and having fun on NCS. If you want the chance to lead, mentor, support or inspire young adults join us and lead a team where you will guide young people whilst they experience outdoor activities, university style learning and social action projects.

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You’ve worked hard. After a busy year of coursework, revision and exams, NCS is the perfect way to kick back and try something completely different. At last you’re out of the classroom and into the great outdoors, discovering talents you never knew you had and making friends with some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

Argyle Community Trust delivers the NCS programme to hundreds of young adults across Devon and Cornwall each year, and we are now accepting applications for the summer of 2019.

NCS begins with a week of adventure with a wide range of exciting activities, such as paddle boarding, surfing, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, sailing and coasteering.

Following the week of engaging outdoor activity, participants then takes up residence at a local college campus for the second week which is designed to prepare school-leavers for the opportunities available whilst living independently. Jump to the bottom of the page to see the full breakdown of activity and stages of your NCS experience.


If you have already signed up for your summer with us your summer guide will be uploaded before your start date with all the information you need. For now, just enjoy the fact you’ve got your summer ready.



Phase 1

Feel the freedom of the outside world during five days away from home, taking on adrenaline-fuelled activities like rock climbing, canoeing and archery. Your team will cheer you along every step of the way, sharing in every challenge, every success. Then you’ll have a few days back at home for some much-needed rest!

Phase 2

Expect transformation, because this week is all about developing YOU. Living independently, you’ll learn essential life skills from local business leaders and charities, gain confidence in public speaking, communications skills and budgeting. It all looks great on your CV, whatever you do next.

Phase 3

Now it’s time to make your mark. Back at home, you and your team will devise a community project based on an issue you feel passionate about. You have the skills and confidence to do anything – the more original, the better! This is your chance to feel proud by making a real difference in your community.

Phase 4

Finally, take stock of all you’ve achieved. You’ll have overcome challenges, pushed yourself into new and exciting territories, and had experiences you never thought possible. Celebrate your triumphs with your fellow NCSers at one great event before exploring all the opportunities NCS opens you up to. This is just the beginning!