Board of Trustees

Andrew Parkinson

Andrew joined Argyle in December 2018 and became the club’s CEO in May 2019. He has over 25 years’ experience in business including retail, property, marketing, operations, and logistics. Prior to joining the club, and after a key role in the Army’s Royal Logistic Corps, Andrew spent 10 years in senior positions in the electrical and convenience retail sectors.

Subsequently, he pursued a career in property and football, becoming the First Director of Operations at Liverpool Football Club responsible for match and non-match day operations and overseeing the redevelopment of the £120m stand at Anfield.


Ryan Ramsey

Ryan is a Non-Executive and Trustee to a variety of organisations. He has previously worked in senior leadership positions at City Fibre, National Grid, and Shell. Most of his career was spent serving in the Royal Navy Submarine Service. The pinnacle of his career was serving as Captain of HMS Turbulent and then teaching future submarine captains on the Submarine Command Course.
Outside of work, he contributes time to helping veterans transition from the military and coaches and mentors future leaders.


Cindy Rai

Cindy was a partner in a local solicitors practice specialising in commercial property work until her retirement in 2019.
Cindy now works part time as a Judge in the Property Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal.
Since joining the Argyle Community Trust Board, Cindy has reviewed and updated the Trust’s constitutional documents and supported the board with advice on legal and compliance issues.


John Morgan

John is a self-employed Business Management Consultant working with rural businesses throughout the Southwest and beyond. He is also a full, non-executive director of Plymouth Argyle Football Club.
John lives in Devon with his wife Suzi and has four grown-up children all of whom live and work in the Southwest.


Jo Cubbon

Jo has worked in health care in the UK and abroad for 35 years, the last 16 of which as NHS CEO. After retirement, she set up and ran a Healthcare Analytics business, recently completing the sale of the business to a Canadian company.
Jo has served 7 years as a family magistrate and chairman in the family courts in Plymouth.


Paul Berne

Paul is a Chartered Accountant with 25 years’ experience in various industries, including retailing, property, and manufacturing. For the past 6 years, Paul has been the Finance Director of Ginsters. Paul has been a trustee since 2017, bringing
finance experience and support.
Paul lives in Liskeard in Cornwall with his wife and three children and is interested in music, cycling and, of course, football.


Steve Brownlow

Steve is a serving Police Officer in the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary with 31 years’ service and is one of the Force’s senior detectives. Steve has been a trustee for over 6 years and assists in providing safeguarding advice.
Steve is married with a young daughter and resides in Plymouth.
He is a sports enthusiast, particularly football and golf, who enjoys coaching and managing local football teams and still plays regularly, representing the Argyle Legends team.


Phil Steer

Phil, a life-long Plymouth Argyle fan, is currently semi-retired while also a Trustee of the local FH Dingle Charity for Pensions and Aged Poor. Born in Tavistock, he was educated at Kelly College before joining House of Fraser and then Hoopers as General Manager and Controller.
Spending 40 years in the retail trade Phil held the position of Chair of the National Perfumery Association COPRA.
Phil now lives in Torquay with his wife Sue.


Role of Trustees
Our Trustees have overall control and legal responsibility for the Charity. The main legal responsibilities of the Trustees can be summarised as follows:
• Ensure the organisation is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit
• Comply with the organisation’s governing documentation
• Act in the best interests of the organisation
• Manage the organisation’s resources responsibly
• Act with reasonable care and skill
• Ensure the organisation is accountable

Argyle Community Trust believes that good governance is essential to its success and the Board members play a vital role in assisting us to serve the causes and communities that we champion. It is the Board of the Trust who are responsible and accountable for the long term
strategic direction and control of Argyle Community Trust, but the Board will delegate authority to the Management Team for the Trust’s day-to-day operation. Argyle Community Trust’s Articles of Association state that the minimum number of Trustees is three but there is no limit on the maximum number. The aim is for the Board to be of a size that can interact effectively whilst at the same time having the scope to ensure that the combined Trustees can bring the necessary areas of expertise required to govern our charitable activities.

There are currently eight Trustees who are normally appointed for a three-year term and eligible for appointment for a period of up to nine years. This can be extended should there be a scarcity of required skills and experience.

Our Trustees come from all walks of life and offer a range of skills and experience including finance, legal, HR/ organisational development, education, public services, and local business. Our board of Trustees also includes representation from parent club Plymouth Argyle FC.


Staff Structure
Our workforce and volunteers are key to delivering our output and supporting those within our local communities.

CEO – this position is the organisation’s most senior employee and is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and management of the organisation.
Leadership Team – implement the strategy approved by the Board of Trustees. Their responsibilities include planning and directing the work of teams, developing strands of work that align to meeting our charitable aims, and overseeing the implementation of programmes.
Management Team – they lead specific departments, teams, or programmes. They provide technical expertise and are responsible for implementing operational plans, often supervise teams of people and are budget holders.
Project Staff – this includes project coordinators, coaches, teachers, targeted interventions, and project workers and are responsible for delivering programmes, projects, and specific activities.
Volunteers – our volunteers support the delivery of frontline services and lend their skills and expertise for free to help contribute to social change through sport.