Kinder Sport and Move

ARGYLE Community Trust are one of twenty clubs throughout the UK taking part in the +Sport Move and Learn Project.

The project is completely free to participating schools and focuses on valuable nutrition knowledge for youngsters aged 9-10 (Year 5), whilst giving them a chance to participate in football, handball and dodgeball.

Through participating in the +Sport Move and Learn Project, Weston Mill & Ford Primary School were given the chance to take part in a +Sport Move and Learn penalty shootout at Home Park. The children were given the chance to learn about health and nutrition whilst playing three different sports: Football, handball & Dodgeball.

Project manager Stew Walbridge said: “The project has a real positive impact on young lives and it is so rewarding to see the change in the children’s diet from week one to week six. Teachers from the schools have commented on how important it is for a professional football club to participate in the running of such a worthwhile subject, with the children more likely to take information on board from role models.”

The two schools took part in the Penalty Shoot-Out on the pitch at half-time for Argyle’s recent win over Accrington Stanley. There were six lucky children who were able to participate in the penalty shootout, three girls and three boys from each school.

It was a fantastic occasion for the selected children, as they were able to enjoy the Club’s Award-Winning Family Stand before the game, which includes a Playstation, Xbox, a mini football pitch, air hockey, table-tennis, boxing bags and computers for the children to use. Furthermore, they were able to meet the Club mascot Pilgrim Pete.

Once it got to half-time, the children were able to prepare themselves for their penalty shoot-out on the pitch, with each youngster given the chance to take two penalties. The final score was 7-5 to Weston Mill Primary School, both groups had a wonderful day and they were thankful for the opportunity.

Weston Mill Primary school have now set up their own school team after completing Kinder + Sport Move and Learn project, building on the enthusiasm generated by this  project to restart their school team after a number of years.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the +Sport Move and Learn Project, please contact Stew Walbridge on  or call 01752 562561 ext 4. There are limited spaces available for this project, so please call soon .

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