ARGYLE Community Trust offers a clear route of progression for all youngsters joining our football programmes.

From the Tiny Tots to holiday courses and after-schools clubs, our coaches are always on the lookout for talented youngsters to then make the next step to our Long Term Player Development Centres, held at Plymstock and Marjon.

The Trust has always placed an emphasis on developing home-grown talent and the LTPD programme aims to give gifted young people the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our LTPD centres offer high quality coaching around key elements of the game. Depending on the age, coaching primarily focuses on attacking, transitions, defending and ball manipulation.

Reviews are commonly held at a four-month point within the LTPD centre. Coaches decide whether the player needs to improve in the four coaching corners: technical, tactical, psychological and physical ability. At this point, coaches also determine whether to retain the player at the current level, or move them up or down.

Players can then progress on to a six-week trial at the Centre of Excellence. If successful here, they can potentially be offered a trial for the full Plymouth Argyle Academy trial or, for the younger ones, they can be invited to a pre-Academy.

A key example of a quality player who has worked through the centres within the LTPD is Harvey Rothwell. Harvey started his progression at after-school clubs and half term sessions with Argyle Community Trust. He then went onto the LTPD centre of excellence and pre academy. Now, Harvey is training at Argyle’s Academy level.

To find out more about our Long Term Player Development Programmes at Argyle Community Trust, please contact Darrel Harris on

By Annie Lewis

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