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Argyle World Book Day 2020

On Thursday 5 March, thousands of you up and down the UK will be dressing up for World Book Day.

It’s a big international event, started 24 years ago, celebrating books and reading. The is to give every child a book of their own (you can find out how it does this below).

It’s organised by a charity and takes place in more than 100 countries all over the world, although some other countries actually celebrate it in April.

What’s Happening at Argyle

On Saturday 7 March Plymouth v Macclesfield, the Community Trust team will be giving away book tokens to parents / children.

These tokens allow you to redeem 1 book of your choosing in the Family Stand, thanks to WHSmith.

What is World Book Day?

World Book Day is the biggest celebration of its kind. The aim of it is to celebrate authors, books, illustrators and – of course – reading!

To help young people to do that, book tokens are given out at schools, including some nurseries and secondary schools.

Those who are schooled at home can also get the £1 tokens, which can be used in one of the thousands of bookshops and supermarkets which are taking part to get a book for free.

Around 15 million tokens are given out, which works out as one for nearly every child aged under 18 in the country.

How is World Book Day celebrated?

There are lots of different ways to celebrate World Book Day.

Many schools have special events planned for it – whether it’s a trip to the local library, classroom displays of famous literary characters or book-themed activities in lessons.

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