Celebrating Diversity – Premier League Primary Stars Case Study

In partnership with the Premier League Charitable Fund, Argyle Community Trust continues to deliver Premier League Primary Stars in several primary schools in Plymouth, the South Hams and Cornwall.  Premier League Primary Stars aim to create positive and lasting sports, health and education outcomes for children, young people and the wider community. The Premier League Primary Stars programme has been designed by teachers to support subjects such as maths, English, PSHE and PE.  As part of Premier League Primary Stars Clubs, charitable organisations are encouraged to offer PSHE workshops to partnered primary schools covering a range of different topics such as gender equality, disability and racism plus many more.

Argyle Community Trust visited Whitleigh Primary School last month, as part of the Premier League Primary Stars Programme, alongside one of our partnered organisations – Plymouth Hope. Together we delivered a workshop to 56 year-6 children & 6 staff members focusing on how everyone is different and understanding the importance of embracing these differences.  During the workshop, the children gained an insight into how Plymouth Hope and Argyle Community Trust are working together to use sport to bring people together and celebrate differences between individuals who come from different backgrounds. The children were also given an insight into the upbringing of 3 staff members from Plymouth Hope with discussions about how their childhood was different.

Mark Partington-Smith, year 6 teacher at Whitleigh Primary School said, “During the workshop, the children engaged and listened intensively to the messages which were being put across. As part of the workshop, the children participated in deep but meaningful conversations with each other showing empathy towards the subject. The children took away a powerful message that we are all equal and that we don’t always know what has or is happening to someone so we should respect them, make them feel welcome and treat everyone with kindness.  The workshop allowed us to reflect on work which we have carried out in school and the children can use this to support their overall behaviour and thinking.”

Dom Luongo, Premier League Primary Stars Lead at Argyle Community Trust added, “It was great to be able to deliver this workshop alongside Plymouth Hope to one of our partner schools as part of Premier League Primary Stars. With October being Black History Month it gave us the perfect opportunity to continue to educate young people in Plymouth, especially given the incidents during the final of Euro 2020 and within sports in general. It was also great to be able to discuss with the children and staff how sport can be used to bring people from different backgrounds together.”

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