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Manadon Provisions

We are delighted to inform you that in line with government guidelines and the FA we are now opening Manadon external facilities for the following bookings:

  • Playing sport individuallyPlaying with family or people living in your household.
  • Fitness activities in groups of no more than six people keeping 2m apart
  • Coaching with small groups of up to 6 people (in total), keeping 2m apart

With this in place we are offering sessions to engage children that take part in our weekly sessions but also provide opportunities for children who wish to engage back within sessions for up to 5 children per time slot within their specific age groups.

From Monday 8th June we will be hosting our first small grouped  lesson which will have a maximum number of spaces available meaning this will be based upon a first come first serve basis. The cost of the lessons will be the usual £5 charge for our weekly sessions per child.

To book please use the link below:

Plymouth Booking

To take part in the lessons you must bring the following:

  • Own drinks bottle
  • Suitable clean sports clothing
  • Moulded boots or astro trainers must be worn

Sessions will include the following:Sessions with 2 metre distances enforced throughout

  • Individualised sessions
  • Age specific training
  • Consistent coach on a weekly basis
  • Technical based lessons including shooting, passing, dribbling etc

Time slots available for up to 5 children per age group (10 spaces per hour slot, groups of 5)per half of Manadon Astro:

Weekly Football Development Sessions


4pm-4:45pm – U7s (2 x 5 spaces)

5pm- 5:45pm – U8s (2 x 5 spaces)


4pm-4:45pm – U9s (2 x 5 spaces)

5pm-5:45pm – U9s (2 x 5 spaces)


4pm-4:45pm – Goalkeepers Specific training aged 6-11 years (2 x 5 spaces)

5pm-5:45pm – Striker Specific training aged 6-11 years (2 x 5 spaces)


4pm-4:45pm – U10s (2 x 5 spaces)

5pm-5:45pm – U10s (2 x 5 spaces)


4pm-4:45pm – U11s (2 x 5 spaces)

5pm-5:45pm – U11s ​(2 x 5 spaces)

In School time sessions


10am-10:45am – Year 2s (2 x 5 spaces)


1pm-1:45pm – Year 3s (5 spaces)


1pm-1:45pm – Year 4s (2 x 5 spaces)

2pm-2:45pm – Year 4s (2 x 5 spaces)


1pm-1:45pm – Year 5s (5 spaces)

2pm-2:45pm Year 5s (5 spaces)

Weekend turn up and play sessions


10am-10:45am – Year 1 – Year 3 Football (2 x 5 spaces)

11am-11:45pm – Year 4 – Year 6 Football (2 x 5 spaces)


10am-10:45am​ – Year 1 – Year 3 Football (2 x 5 spaces)

11am-11:45pm – Year 4 – Year 6 Football​ (2 x 5 spaces)​​

We hope to see lots of you engaging within this and reminder these will be offered on a first come first serve basis, all payments must be online and it is important you do not just arrive unless your booking has been confirmed for the safely of all!  For information on how we are keeping our facility safe for our staff and visitors please visit: https://www.manadonsportshub.co.uk/

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