Pilgrim Centre Poland VisitorsARGYLE Community Trust is continuing to work in partnership with Tellus with a group of Polish students currently at the Pilgrim Centre, studying computer and software skills.

Trevor Lowman from the Pilgrim Centre said: “We offer a range of programs for European Students, such as media, marketing, photography, economics and accountancy, although the majority is computer based.”

Jacob and Lukas, students from Poland, added: “The skills and material we have learnt whilst being with Argyle have been invaluable and will definitely be used when we go back home. We want to be Computer Programmers, so fully appreciate these software lessons with Argyle.”

The topical issue of the EU referendum and how it would affect these European programmes came into question. Trevor stated confidently that “the impact of Brexit would most likely have a minor impact on the scheme, however the program would still continue.” The European partners are assured that the steady flow of students would be maintained, despite the result of the referendum last week.

The recent reconstruction of the Pilgrim Centre at Argyle has been absolutely superb and has improved the teaching dynamic. The larger learning environment has provided an opportunity for the technological expansion at the centre, which has doubled our potential.

The evolving prospects of projects at the Pilgrim Centre have created more opportunities for local students to become more engaged. “We also hope that our reconstruction, besides doubling our potential, will provide more opportunities for local students. We plan to work with Erasmus in the future to enable local students to have experiences with European programmes,” said Trevor.

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