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+Sport Move and Learn Project introduced to schools

Kinder 1FERRERO, Football League Trust and Argyle Community Trust join forces to get kids moving.

Ferrero, the Football League Trust and Argyle Community Trust have announced a partnership to deliver a programme for Plymouth schools to encourage children to take part in physical activity, build awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and adopt an active lifestyle. Ten schools in the local area will be taking part in the initiative, getting approximately 600 children moving.

The +Sport Move and Learn Project is part of Ferrero’s global Kinder+Sport initiative designed to encourage healthy and active lifestyles in children across the world. In the UK the programme has a national target to move 21,300 children, through 192,000 hours of activity and education across the UK and Ireland.

Over the course of six weeks, children from Year 5 classes (9 – 10 year olds) will spend nine hours learning about the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Each week the children will take part in a 90 minute session; spending 45 minutes in the classroom covering six different topics related to the body, nutrition, the importance of exercise and information about food groups.

Other Football League clubs – including Watford, Blackburn Rovers, Coventry City, Charlton Athletic, Derby County. Middlesbrough and Sheffield United – are also getting involved in the project.

Schools will also take part in a match-day penalty shoot-out on during Argyle matches at Home Park, competing in a knockout competition, while Argyle players – and Pilgrim Pete – might be dropping by some school sessions.

Schools taking part in the area include St Pauls, Kings, Laira Green and High View Primary Schools.

Argyle captain Curtis Nelson said: “The +Sport Move and Learn project integrates the importance of nutritional values and enables participates to become active and experience different sports. It’s a fantastic opportunity for young people to learn about the importance of health and activity. I’m pleased to be involved with such a worthwhile project.”Kinder 2


RE: Move and Learn Project for Year 5

The Argyle Community Trust has been delivering the Move and Learn Project in local schools since September 2014.

The Move and Learn Project is a school-based educational programme for children aged 9-10 years old. It aims to encourage physical activity, promote nutritional education and build awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Children have participated in 2 weeks blocks of football, dodgeball and handball which last for 45 minutes each, alongside this children engage in a 45 minute theory about nutrition.

Students have had the opportunity to meet Pilgrim Pete and a first team player as well as a chance for 6 children (3 girls & 3 boys) to represent your school in a penalty shootout competition at Home Park on a match day against another school, with the first being on [date] of penalty shoot otu

Feedback received about the programme:

‘The children are engaged and are showing fantastic progression’.

‘The +Sport Move and Learn Project is a great opportunity for young learners to engage in different sports and gain important life skills’.

 ‘I am just writing to let you know how impressed I was with the presentations you given this to the year 5’s at our school. I was even more impressed when you said it was your first one! You were very professional and engaged well with the children. There was a good mix of activities throughout to keep the children focused’.

Burraton Community Primary school and St George’s Primary school have both participated in the project with the children responding well.

If you’d like more information or would like to book your place, please contact me on or at 01752 562561 (Ext 4).

Yours Sincerely

Stewart Walbridge

+Sport Move and Learn Project Leader



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