Apprentice Success Stories: Jacob Fahy

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we look at the success of Argyle Community Trust employee, and former trainee and apprentice, Jacob Fahy who successfully gained a full-time position with the Trust as a result of the employability pathway.

Prior to starting the Traineeship programme, Jacob Fahy had been out of education and employment for over 2 and a half years. Jacob is very open and honest in describing his journey from this starting point, highlighting that: “My confidence was at a real low and I found going out an experience that made me really anxious, so meeting the tutor for the first meeting was a real challenge.” After scheduling a meeting in the relaxed surroundings of a local coffee shop with a referral partner that Jacob was working with (and after much discussion about Jacob’s favourite football team Liverpool’s title chances), Jacob had decided he would like to step out of his comfort zone and join the programme.

The first day of the course coincided with Jacob’s birthday and involved visiting Plymouth Snowsports Centre for an informal opportunity to get to know the group. Activities included snow tubing, tobogganing and the viper drop, which Jacob says really helped him settle onto the course: “The first day was really enjoyable and something I would not usually have the opportunity to do. It was great to get to know the rest of the group, who were all really nice and welcoming.” Throughout the course, Jacob opted to complete his work experience coaching children, which is something he thoroughly enjoyed and excelled at.

Prior to the course, Jacob highlights that: “I was not sure what I wanted to do and lacked any real career focus or motivation. Working with children through my work placement was amazing and helped me to realise what I was passionate about!”

Jacob completed the course and sought to progress on to an apprenticeship, applying for a vacancy at Argyle Community Trust. Jacob’s charisma and newfound confidence were pivotal in him securing the role, to Jacob’s delight!

Jacob is now undertaking the Level 2 Community Activator Coach apprenticeship standard. The apprenticeship looks to support those aspiring to a career in the sport or education sectors, through working with children across both school and community sports.

Part of Jacobs’s role allowed him the opportunity to become involved in supporting key workers and vulnerable children at St. Catherine’s Primary School in Launceston, Cornwall, during the lockdowns. Jacob describes this experience as being: “Absolutely incredible, allowing me to build some amazing relationships with pupils and staff, whilst also being able to support them in getting active and staying healthy.”

Jacob describes the Traineeship course: “It was a game-changer for me. It helped me work out what I wanted to do and rebuild my life. The course was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for the opportunity and want to thank the Trust and staff involved.”

2021 got even better for Jacob. First, he gained permanent employment with the Trust and progressed on to a Level 4 Sports Coach apprenticeship. Jacob was then named Apprentice Rising Star of the Year at the Southwest Regional Awards: “To have that recognition was just amazing. Thanks to the apprenticeship I am on cloud 9. I love every second of it. You get to meet amazing people, you get to do amazing things and it has just helped me develop massively to a much more confident person, so I owe a lot to it.”

Apprenticeship Manager Dave Shurmer added: “We are delighted for Jacob. Thrilled for him to have won at the Southwest Regional Awards. It has been great to watch him develop on the pathway.”

Everyone at the Trust is extremely proud of Jacob’s progress and very much look forward to supporting his professional development through this exciting apprenticeship pathway.

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