Argyle Community Trust are delighted to continue their support for Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign to encourage people to ‘Come Out Active’.

The 2019 campaign runs from 22 November to 8 December, and is calling on fans, players and governing bodies to visibly show their support for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people in sport.

The campaign is backed by the EFL, the Premier League and the FA, and the Pilgrims’ Post 16 Education team are proud to be showing their support in Wednesday’s home game against Crystal Palace where spectators will spot rainbow-coloured corner flags and rainbow laces worn by the players.

While the National Youth Football League (south championship) fixture is the Trust’s designated match in 2019, Argyle Community Trust’s support for the campaign will continue.

This year’s campaign is asking people to ‘Come Out Active’ and bring Rainbow Laces into your community. It’s as simple as this: do something active while wearing your rainbow laces, raise vital funds for Stonewall and tell everyone why you support LGBT equality in sport.

Whether on land, in the water, indoors or outside. Whether you walk, swim, cycle, do a class or get involved with your club or team – the choice is yours! You can choose to go solo or get your community, colleagues and friends involved. However you do it, Come Out Active.

Whether we’re cheering or competing, we are all at our best when we feel part of the team but four in ten LGBT people don’t think sport is welcoming. Sport has an amazing power to bring people together.

Following and taking part can give us community, energy and a sense of belonging. That’s why we all need to play our part to make sport everyone’s game. When you step up and play your part, others will follow. Challenge anti-LGBT language. Celebrate LGBT people in sport. Share your story. Wear your Rainbow Laces and show you care.

Certain items on match-day will look slightly different at Manadon Sports Hub in Plymouth. The corner flags will feature rainbow patterns, as will the captain’s armband and, of course, the players will also be furnished with rainbow laces for their boots. Also being introduced by the EFL this year is a rainbow pennant.

LGBT group ‘Stonewall’ have provided some statistics ahead of today’s fixture, which follows on from a successful rainbow laces campaign last year.

They said: “After seeing the Rainbow Laces campaign, 41% of sports fans believe they would be more likely to challenge anti-LGBT language at live sport fixtures, and 42% would be more likely to challenge it on social media.

“59% of fans who saw the campaign feel they have a responsibility to stick up for LGBT fans of the teams and sports they follow, compared to 44% who didn’t see the campaign. 56% of fans who saw the campaign feel more confident that reports of anti-LGBT language will be taken seriously.”

You can join in supporting the campaign by getting hold of your own rainbow laces. Visit for more information on that and all other aspects of the campaign. You can also show your support on Social Media by using the hashtag #RainbowLaces

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