Argyle Community Trust has been in operation for over 25 years and plays an important role in the communities of Devon and Cornwall.

The diverse nature of our work has allowed the Trust to work with thousands of people from across the two counties. This work has ranged from introducing people to sport for the very first time to providing many individuals with qualifications and employment routes. The strands of our work are diverse and wide ranging; something we are very proud to deliver.

The programmes offered have enabled us to break down barriers, develop life skills and have encouraged people to fulfil their potential. The close association with their local professional football club enables them to feel proud and involved.

Our Community Strategy builds on Argyle Community Trust’s desire to make a change to people’s lives using the power of Plymouth Argyle Football Club. The populations that we serve face barriers in relation to health, well-being, education, employment, levels of physical activity, high deprivation in some areas and low attainment levels.

Through the work undertaken as part of our last strategy, through research and consultation there is clear evidence to indicate our work is needed within our community. National, regional and local plans reflect the work that we undertake with the aim of breaking down the barriers stated above.

We are particularly proud of our achievements, especially over the last 8 years. However, we are not complacent; we understand the importance of continuing to reflect, review and evolve for the benefit of our community. Social challenges such as inactivity levels, mental health, health related illnesses and other social issues are what we will continue to confront and address.


In recent years our engagement numbers, together with our investment in the local community have grown. The focus of the strategy is to empower people to reach increasingly aspirational destinations, inspire our supporters through the positive programmes we deliver and to continue to deliver key messages and themes for an active participation programme that benefits the community. This will be supported by a solid, secure and sustainable infrastructure through which we will continually improve our systems and structures. Equally important to our ongoing strategy is evidencing the journeys we create whilst understanding and measuring the impact we make within the community we serve.

We appreciate that we cannot work alone and a great deal of success can be attributed to having key partners who can help accommodate and enhance programmes and provisions. Given this, we will seek to continue to strengthen our partnerships nationally, regionally and locally allowing us to resource, transform and sustain lasting change.

We have a unique partnership with Plymouth Argyle FC that distinguishes us from other charitable organisations and helps us to inspire our community. Although we are an independent charity, we are thankful for their support and hope that our strategy we will not only inspire people to support our projects but – through engagement with the Community Trust – they will have a reinvigorated support for their local professional football club.

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