AFTER graduating from NCS (National Citizen Service) in October 2015, aspiring journalist Annie Lewis took the opportunity to get involved with Argyle Community Trust’s Press Office.

During the Social Action project section of the NCS week, Argyle opened their doors to give young graduates the chance to get involved with the Trust and the many departments they coordinate.

“When I heard that Argyle were willing to take on work experience placements, I jumped at the opportunity”, said Annie, “I was excited to be able work within sports media, as it was different to anything I had done before.”

Within the work placement, Annie has been able to learn and practise media skills by writing new and upcoming pieces each week and interviewing a variety of people. Annie has also been able to get involved in the NCS Summer Programme, where she was an assistant team leader and an onsite journalist.

Annie’s media work with Argyle has been published on the Trust and Club websites, in the match-day programmes and local newspapers.

She added: “NCS Summer meant that I could use the media skills I had learnt in the past six months, and apply them in different contexts. I produced my own work and liased with the media manager at Argyle Community Trust to provide regular updates on the programme.”

 “I thoroughly enjoy working alongside Argyle and am grateful to work with professionals in being able to publish my own work and to build my own portfolio.

“Without NCS, I would not have been able to learn so much about the industry I want to pursue professionally. NCS essentially gave me the starting point to get involved with Argyle and their media team.

“I have nearly been at Argyle a year and every placement is still filled with fresh and exciting content. I’m very grateful to be involved in the team.”

To get involved with NCS and broaden your future prospects, please contact our Social Inclusion Manager Dwain Morgan on 01752 562561 ext.4 or email

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