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Extra Time is Granted for Over 55’s

Plymouth Argyle midfielder Conor Grant and Head of Football Derek Adams surprised guests of the newly established Extra Time Hub when they came by to celebrate its launch last week.

Diving straight in with what was on offer Conor Grant showed off his singing skills with the group and tried his hand at armchair aerobics. Derek Adams also joined in with activities such as New Age Kurling and spent time sitting and talking to visitors, exchanging stories and jokes.

Conor Grant said: “I have never tried armchair aerobics, I was really cringy but everyone else was really good! It’s more of a workout than you think and a fantastic way to keep active for anyone who is not so able.”

The Extra Time Hub is a national project from the EFL Trust, initially delivered by 12 EFL Clubs including Argyle Community Trust. The Hub provides a wide range of activities for retired and semi-retired people to benefit both physical and mental wellbeing.

The competitive side of the Argyle midfielder could be seen as he faced off participants playing New Age Kurling: “It was so much fun, but then I started to take it seriously when I saw how good some of them were and I wanted to win!

“Looking around at this group it reminded me of my nan back home and how much she would love coming to something like this. It’s a great place to come if you want to get out of the house, make new friends and try new things and even if you just want to sit in the corner reading the paper and playing sudoku, you can.”

The launch of Argyle Community Trust’s Extra Time Hub has been made possible thanks to National Lottery funding from Sport England.

Ben Kerswell, Extra Time Hub Activator at Argyle Community Trust, said: “The aim is to bring together retired and semi-retired people to have a positive effect on the range of activities available to them in their free time, prove that they’re never too old to learn to do things they’ve always wanted to do and give them the opportunity to meet and spend time with like-minded people from the area.”

The Extra Time Hub takes place every Wednesday between 1.30pm – 3.30pm in the Green Taverner’s Suite at Home Park, with the first session free of charge.

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