photoTHE football season is now well under way and the Argyle Community Trust is looking to harness future talent for Plymouth Argyle with our Long-Term Player Development Centres.

Developing home-grown talent is a priority for Plymouth Argyle and we believe in giving gifted young footballers the opportunity to strive for excellence.

After months of research and analysis, the Argyle coaching system has now completed a syllabus for Long Term Player Development (LTPD). This syllabus is aimed at youngsters aged in the five to 11-year-old range, with specific attention given to players enjoying the best possible Argyle ‘experience’ and structured coaching programmes.


This is an invitation programme. Players are invited to join an LTPD Coaching Squad on an annual basis, following a recommendation from our coaching staff.

 These recommendations may emanate from a variety of sources, such as a school coaching programme, holiday courses, birthday parties or one of our other Community Trusts events.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of Argyle’s LTPD programme, which is aligned with the objectives of the Football Association and part of the club’s youth development principles, is to identify players of excellent ability and place them in a technical and educational programme designed to develop football excellence, in tandem with personal development.

Our primary objective is to create a relaxed learning environment in which players can develop at a pace that suits each individual child. The LTPD ethos aims to develop the fundamental skills of the individual, including technical, physical, mental and social elements.

The programme focuses on the development of young players and retention of potential in all fields and, as a long-term club-target, we would like to see more local players progressing into our first-team squad.

What you will receive

  • 36 x coaching sessions from September-July *subject to change
  • All sessions conducted by Argyle’s UEFA qualified coaches
  • Game/festival opportunities against PAFC Development Squads/local teams/touring teams (subject to availability)

Coaching Programme

Each squad will follow a specifically designed age-appropriate coaching syllabus with an emphasis on enjoyment of the sport in a challenging, progressive and game-realistic environment.

Our coaching syllabus consists of advanced technical and skill work, along with game principles and understanding. High standards of attitude, behaviour, performance and punctuality are expected of every member.

In order to give each squad member support and individual attention, we aim to work with squads of 16 maximum.


Monday – Plymstock, Holsworthy, Liskeard
Tuesday – Bodmin
Wednesday – Truro
Thursday – Marjons, Okehampton, Brannel

For more information, please contact or call 01752 562561 ext 4.

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